Let’s Bag Hunger!

Lets Bag Hunger

What is Let's Bag Hunger?

The Outreach Committee of All Saints Episcopal Church (New Albany, OH) supports the Homeless Families Foundation (HFF) in several ways. LET’S BAG HUNGER is a ministry to provide HFF’s food pantry with the healthy foodstuffs and other goods necessary to assist families in transition. Our use of green shopping bags and a list of requested items provides parishioners with a memorable way to make supporting the needs of others a regular part of their own lives. By making food pantry donations a visible part of our church life, we support one another in the need to remain mindful of those who may not be as fortunate as we are.


How do I participate?

On the designated Sunday, pick up a green shopping bag at church. Return it to the church the next Sunday with one or more items to donate, Leave the bag in or near the shopping cart in the Narthex (entryway).


Do I have to have a green bag?

No, but it’s kind of fun, isn’t it? We made the bags to help make this ministry visible to the parish as well as to the community while you are shopping. Feel free to donate using any box or bag you find useful. We will purchase and label additional bags as demand increases. You’ll also note a luggage tag on each bag – this is to help make sure it gets back to us in case it is lost, and also to help advertise our ministry – while you are in the store, you can show a fellow shopper the QR code on the tag. If they scan it with their smartphone, they can read this webpage right there.


How often do I have to participate?

As much or as little as you wish! We will be presenting the accumulated goods during the Offertory as part of our regular church service one week each month, and bringing the goods to HFF once a month as well. But you can bring your bags in to the church at any time and we will make sure they get to the pantry!


How do I know what to purchase?

Check the list below; HFF provides this list to help target specific needs throughout the year. You can also review our list below for other ideas of food pantry needs at any time.


Are there other ways to participate?

Absolutely! Contact us if you would like to help with handing out bags, sorting goods, or delivering them to the HFF pantry. You can also join the Outreach Committee if you would like to be more involved in this and other ministries of the church that address social concerns globally as well as in our local communities.

Suggested Donations

Calendar of Requested Items

January: canned meats

February: fruit

March: peanut butter and jelly

April: boxed drinks/granola bars/fruit snacks

May: pasta sauce/no noodles

June: kleenex/TP/paper towels

July: soups

August: fruit

September: peanut butter crackers/fruit snacks/boxed drinks

October: canned veggies

November: applesauce/fruit

December: canned meats

Guidelines for Donations

  • Please donate only new, unopened goods
  • Select only typical household sizes of items. A gallon of green beans cannot support as many households as several 12-oz cans will
  • Check that foods have not expired and are not damaged
  • In addition to requested donations, consider these items, which are greatly needed but many of which cannot be purchased with food stamps:

o    toilet paper and other paper goods
o    feminine products and other toiletries
o    diapers (especially large sizes!) and baby wipes
o    other non-perishable healthy food items and staples

  • If you have children, involve them in age-appropriate ways – selecting items at the store, looking for sales, calculating costs, carrying the goods from car to church, and working with adults to deliver goods

About the Homeless Families Foundation

About Homeless Families Foundation

You can read more about the Homeless Families Foundation at their website http://www.homelessfamiliesfoundation.com/

In 2014, HFF served 254 families, including 497 children, and 89% were successfully moved to permanent housing.  65.7% of the children served by HFF in 2014 were 7 years old or younger. Without the opportunity to receive an appropriate education, homeless children are much less likely to acquire the skills they need to escape poverty as adults. To prevent this, HFF provides:

  • Case Management to help families regain support and stability on their paths to permanent housing.
  • Life Skills interventions focused on mentoring and/or modeling of skills required for families to be successful in permanent housing.
  • The Dowd Education Center (DEC), providing licensed, state-of-the-art afterschool and summer programs for children in grades kindergarten through middle school.
  • Food program that provides children at the Dowd Education Center with hot, homemade meals and snacks and families with supplemental food.