Harry Potter Event

The Gospel According to Harry Potter

Friday  November 9, 2018 6-9pm

with Special Guest Professor:  Rev. Dr. Patricia Lyons, the Hogwarts Chaplain

The Great Feast begins at 6:00pm with a “Potluck” and other Potter delectables made by our House Elves. At 7pm, we will meet in the “Room of Requirement” with the Hogwarts Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Patricia Lyons, to discuss the Church as the “Room of Requirement” as Christ forms us into the Order of the Phoenix. A short break will occur at 8pm followed by another lesson on the Eucharist as our “Patronus Charm.”

There will also be “Harry Potter” themed activities for younger children as well.

This is a multi-generational event!  

Teens are invited to stay for an overnight lock-in beginning at 9pm, following class.

House robes, sweaters, ties, character costumes, brooms and wands are greatly encouraged.  Please register at the link below if you plan on attending.

If you have any questions, please contact the Parish Office of Magical Registration and Wand Permits at 614.855.8267      

        You may not apparate in the worship Space. Third Floor is closed due to Boggart infestation.

REGISTER HERE: Harry Potter Event Registration Form