Through our mission statement, “To Know Christ and to Make Him Known,” we seek to walk with Him in the example of the Early Church in Acts 2:42 which “holds fast to the Apostles’ Teaching (Education) and Fellowship (Communal Life), the Breaking of the Bread (Sacramental Life) and the Prayers (Outreach)”
– Acts 2:42.

Together, we have sought the Lord’s guidance and are developing new ways to grow in each of these four pillars. With an amazing Sunday School curriculum and Adult Education opportunities (Apostles’ Teaching), exciting Newcomer and social events (Fellowship), a deepening of Pastoral Care and our Sacramental Life (Breaking of the Bread), and new Outreach and Mission endeavors (Prayers), the Holy Spirit is working among us to deepen our faith and energize our Baptismal Covenant. All of this brings us closer to knowing Him! It is truly an exciting time to be at All Saints!