All Saints Christian Boot Camp

All Saints Christian Boot Camp

 “Christians are not born. They are made.”  The theologian Tertullian (c. 155- c. 240) said something like that. And the life of the Church is (or should be!) so different from the life of the world around it that no matter how deep we go, even in the basics, there is always more to learn and more to grow into than we can even begin to imagine. That means our formation as Christians should never stop! It’s a lifelong project, especially if we’re going to be more than a club that looks like the rest of the world (except that we go to church on Sunday), but actually be a people who live the new and different life of the Church. And sometimes we need to take some time to go all-in to remember and get reoriented to our identity as Christians and as the Church. Sometimes we could use a kind of intensive “boot camp” to get us back in shape as Christians.

All Saints Boot Camp Info:

 When is it? Only 11 Tuesday evenings from Feb. 11 to May 12

What is the schedule? Evening Prayer at 6:30pm, Mass at 7pm, followed by a discussion over a simple supper, ending with Compline at 8:30pm

What will we learn? Over those eleven weeks we’ll cover the Big Story of salvation history, the worship of the Church, and the Christian life.

Who is this for?  EVERYONE! It’s perfect for anyone who wants to deepen their Faith, as preparation for those about to go to the Holy Land, as preparation for baptism, confirmation, or a renewed sense of Christian commitment, or for fellowship and growth shared with fellow Christians.

What is the commitment? Because we really want this to be a time of deeper formation and because each session builds on the last, and even more, because we hope that this Boot Camp will also build deeper spiritual community among those who participate in it, we ask that you commit to all (or at least most) of the Tuesdays.

We can’t wait to get back into spiritual shape with you!

Sign up at All Saints or email the office.