ALIVE! Parish Formation

We are so excited to announce a new multi-generation parish faith formation program called “Alive” developed by Fr. Jason!  
Why is it called “Alive?”  Christ, by His Resurrection, is alive and present among us.  St. Irenaeus taught that “The Glory of God is humanity fully alive!”  Through this formation program, your Faith will come alive in new and exciting ways. After the shutdowns of the Covid pandemic, its time to be re-engaged  and come alive in Christ!
How does “Alive” parish formation work?
There are 3 levels in which you can join “Alive.”
1)      Parish Formation Sunday:  One Sunday a month we will gather for a full parish multi-generations formation night from 5-8pm.
–  5pm Mass
–  6pm Parish Potluck
–  6:20pm  Lesson for everyone led by Fr. Jason (separate lesson for children age pre-k to 5th grade)
–  7pm  Small group table discussions (Youth Group/6th-12th grade have their own table)
–  7:30pm Compline
If you wish to go deeper, join the Parish Formation Sunday plus……
2)      Small Dinner Group: Gather with other parishioners (groups of 9-11 folks) for a meal once a month.  Two or three reflection questions will be sent to each group to chat about during your dinner that tie into the theme for the month. There will be a special “Zoom group” for those who are not comfortable attending a small dinner group, but still wish to participate in fellowship in a online small group setting.
If you wish to go even  deeper, join the Parish Formation Sunday, Small Dinner Group plus……
3)      “Going Deeper with Fr. Jason”: This group will meet once a month with Fr. Jason  to dive deeper into the theme of the month based off a specific reading for the month, i.e. Scripture, Patristics, Theologians, etc.  You must join both the Parish Formation Sunday as well as a Small Dinner Group to participate in this 3rd level.
When  does “Alive” being and what is the theme? 
“Alive” will run from Feb to June 2023.  This first year’s theme is  “The Meat is in the Mass.”  Fr. Jason will be taking parts of the Mass and discussing main Christian teachings found therein.  There will be a prayer, reflection questions, and “Going Deeper” teachings that tie into each month’s theme.
Ready to re-engaged you Faith? Join this exciting full parish formation program and let your Faith come Alive in Christ!!!
Alive Formation Schedule
Parish Formation Sunday:  Feb 5:  “Blessed be God…..” Who is Jesus? Christology
Children and Parish Monthly learning/prayer: The Sign of the Cross
“Going Deeper with Fr. Jason” The Resurrection of Christ
Parish Formation Sunday:  March 5:  “Most Merciful God….”  Lent and the Sacrament of Reconciliation
Children and Parish Monthly learning/prayer: Confession of Sin Prayer, BCP 360
“Going Deeper with Fr. Jason” Ministry of Reconciliation
Parish Formation Sunday:  April 2(Palm Sun, Vespers instead of Mass):  “Recalling His Death, Resurrection and Ascension…”  Theology of Holy Week
Children and Parish Monthly learning/prayer: Apostles’ Creed, BCP 96
“Going Deeper with Fr. Jason” Holy Week Reflections
Parish Formation Sunday:  May 7:  “And Rising from the grave, destroyed death…”  The Resurrection and The Eucharist
Children and Parish Monthly learning/prayer: Sanctus/Holy, Holy, Holy, BCP 362
“Going Deeper with Fr. Jason” Theology of the Eucharist
Parish Formation Sunday:  June 4):  “Send us out into the world in peace…”  Pentecost and the Mission of the Church
Children and Parish Monthly learning/prayer: Prayer after Communion, BCP 365
“Going Deeper with Fr. Jason” Prayer and the Daily Office
Contact the office to sign up for Level 1, Level 2 and/or  Level 3. Please add the name of each person participating.